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Reaching out for help is a courageous and commendable step toward reclaiming your journey toward the fulfilling life you desire.

Several contributing factors such as physical, emotional, and relational distress can interfere with one’s ability to experience wholeness and flourishing in relation to the self, others, career, and community. 

Reclaiming your peace, clarity, and purpose is possible.




At Reclaim U Counseling, you can expect a warm, non-judgmental environment that cultivates trustworthiness, collaboration, and empowerment for all individuals regardless of their background. ​

Because we believe that every individual deserves to be known, understood, and accepted, we will utilize a biological, psychological, social lens to co-create a treatment plan for positive therapeutic outcomes.


The primary modality I specialize in to achieve your desired results is Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT®). ETT® is a brief, attachment-based, interpersonal approach that often promotes rapid outcomes. ETT® helps clients reduce, and often eliminate, emotional and physical distress.


Finding a counselor you trust and connect with, in addition to engaging in evidence-informed therapy interventions, provides the foundation for you to reclaim YOU. Reclaim your identity, freedom, health, and purpose.

By utilizing innovative therapy practices such as ETT®, you can achieve your goals quickly.


Reclaiming one's peace and identity not only serves the individual, but of those around them.



Jenna-Wade Garman

Jenna-Wade Garman

My Story

Hi, I’m Jenna-Wade, a psychoherapist located in Austin, Texas.  I am an LPC Associate and National Certified Counselor supervised by the founder of ETT®, Dr. Steven Vazquez, LPC - S, LMFT. After working 12 years as a certified sign language interpreter for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, I was granted the opportunity to return to graduate school and earn a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I became certified in ETT® for complex trauma. Additionally, I have completed ETT® training for presenting problems such as ADHD, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, sleep disorders, attachment wounds, and identity issues. I am committed to serving client needs by facilitating a warm, non-judgmental environment that offers skills, supports, and services for healing past wounds, resolving present distress, and embracing a meaningful, joyful life. I believe that connection, education, and transforming emotional states are essential components for lasting transformation. In addition to my role as a therapist, I am a Mom of 5 boys: 2 biological sons, 2 step-sons, and 1 Goldendoodle boy. Thank you for reading a little bit about my story; I would be honored to learn about yours. 

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Jenna-Wade Garman, LPC A, NCC

Reclaim you.  Reclaim your life.

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